Andrzej B. Górski posing with his photo made after being beaten by unknown perpetrators (read: communistic secret service) December 13th, 1981.

December 13th, 1981, one of most memorable dates in Polish history - the date of implementing Martial Law in Poland by gen. Jaruzelski. 
Andrzej B. Górski was talented photographer, video and installation artist, actively involved in Solidarity movement, working as journalist in "Solidarność" newspaper. In December 1981 he was brutally beaten, his photographic gear was confiscated and he himself had been incorporated to paramilitary railway service and sent for 2 years far from his wife and small kids. His life had changed and broken, he never recovered the looses. 
His one of the victims of Martial Law, gen. Jaruzelski, Kiszczak and others. 

Photo of Andrzej in 1981 was made by his father Aleksander, also recognized photographer (his cameras were also confiscated, as to all professional photograpers).
My photo was made in 30th anniversary of this date, December 13th, 2011.

We do remember December 13th, 1981 and photography witness that even if somebody would like to forget it. 
Photography should also be an alert to those, who think that being in power allows to limits anybody's rights and freedom.
There will be proves, no matter if they like it or not.