today, December 8th, as always that day for last several hundreds of years inhabitants of tiny Portuguese village Proenca a Velha celebrated ceremony of Madeiro. It was common ritual in Portuguese mountains of Beira, but nowodays the ancient ritt is kept just in this very place. All of 200 citizens of Proenca are taking active part in this ceremony. I was lucky to discover this place and this ceremony for myself in 2005, and since that time, I return there this day, if not by person, for sure with all of my thoughts and heart.
This is definitely my place in the world. 
I started to know Proenca by accident meeting sr. Armindo de Pouca Sorte, but despite his name (de Pouca Sorte means Bad Luck) he brought me luck and wonderful moments to cherrish.

senhor Armindo Pouca Sorte with his daugthers, from meeting him I started my frinedship with Proenca a Velha.

Sr Armindo unfortunately passed away before this exhibition in 2006, but he was happy, as his son told me to cause the avelanche of facts which led to show his village and his people to the world.
A youngest participant of Madeiro ceremonies holding his portrait made a year before:

Joao Mugeiro, co-author

João Adolfo Geraldes - good spirit of Proencal, author of the text in the book and wonderful person. Here, on the cart with wood (madeiro) to carry to the center of the village.
Viva Sr. Armindo, viva João Adolfo, viva João Mugeiro, viva os todos nos!